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When to Call Your Pastor


Many people think the only time to call the Pastor is when there is an illness or a death in the family.  These are important times to notify the Pastor, but not the only times.  In an increasingly complex world -- when we are pressured from every side in daily living -- here are some suggested times when it would be appropriate to call upon your Pastor's services, friendship and support:


  • When you are facing a serious family problem  

  • When someone is interested in the church

  • When there is illness or hospitalization for more than a day

  • When someone has been discharged from the hospital

  • When there is a death

  • When you're thinking about getting married

  • When there is a wedding planned

  • If you're thinking about divorce

  • When you must make an important decision

  • When you need someone to talk with in confidence

  • When you celebrate the birth of a child

  • When you are facing a spiritual struggle.

This is is by no means comprehensive. There may be other reasons you may want to contact your Pastor. When that time comes, you may reach her at:



Phone: (305) 688-8830


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