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Election Consecration 2020

Dear Bethel Friends and Family:
As we walk into this election season, it is imperative that the people of God exercise their civic duty to vote both carefully and prayerfully, for those that they believe that God would have in places of leadership, throughout this country.
For this reason, we have prepared a scriptural prayer for our use, to remind us of our responsibilities are, as people of God and citizens of our country.
From the first day of Early Voting in the state of Florida, through the national election day, there are scriptures given to encourage us and a daily focus of prayer for those in our lives, and in the lives of this land, along with a prayer that has been crafted from the scriptures, which remind us of who and Whose we are.
Our prayer is that they would bless you in this season.  

Election Consecration


Day        Date            ScripturePrayer Emphasis

Mon      10/19           Philippians 1:9-10             Discernment in our choices

Tues     10/20           1 Timothy 2:1-4               Those serving in government

Wed     10/21            Deuteronomy 1:13           Those voting in the elections in this country

Thurs   10/22            Ephesians 6:12                Those in leadership in every area

Fri        10/23           1 Thessalonians 5:23        Holistic Health (Body, Soul and Spirit)

Sat       10/24           1 Thessalonians 5:12-13   Those in leadership

Sun      10/25           Psalm 103:17-18               Healing and Well-being of Family Covenants

Mon     10/26            Hebrews 6:10                   Family Caregivers

Tues    10/27            Titus 2:7-8                      Those serving in education

Wed     10/28            Ruth 2:12                        Those serving in healthcare

Thurs   10/29            Job 28:28                         Wisdom in our decision-making

Fri        10/30            James 5:16                      Those in need of healing

Sat       10/31            Isaiah 43:1-3                   Safety for our youth

Sun      11/01            1 Thessalonians 5:12-13   Those in ministry leadership

Mon     11/02             2 Corinthians 4:17            Those who have suffered loss

Tues    11/03             Matthew 7:7-8                  Victory

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