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Clemotine Coats "I Beat Cancer" Check-In Site



Clemotine Coats was a faithful member of Bethel Apostolic Temple for more than sixty years.  She served in many capacities, having worked in the church Day Care from 1962 to 1989, as well as in the Sunday School. She also served in DuHart's Day Care from 1989, until her health precluded her from doing so.  She was a mother to many, as was evidenced when people visited the church and found her there.


When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, she was vigilant in making sure that our members were informed about the importance of taking care of our bodies and getting our cancer screenings.  Now that she has made her transition, we are taking up her charge, in carrying the message of optimal health and wellness by maintaining our connection with God, friends and family; keeping a proper diet; consistent exercise of our bodies and minds; and being your own advocate for your health, partnering with your doctors to get the best health care possible.


For more information about cancer prevention or early cancer detection through the use or cancer screenings, go to:


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